Preliminary version: Attempt of modeling of connected Industorial Control Systems communication aiming information security risk extraction

Satoshi Agatsuma


In order to secure Cyber-Physical System (CPS), it is necessary to analyze security of Information Technology (IT) and safety of Operational Technology (OT) in an integrated manner.
There are many Industry Control System (ICS) protocols and their information security capabilities varies. To secure ICS communication, we need to know vulnerabilities of each protocol. To extract such vulnerabilities, we need a model that can be referred as a practically ideal communication model.
This is an interim report of my masters thesis that will propose a communication model of ICS that can be used for risk assessment.


Cyber-Physical System (CPS); Industrial Control System (ICS); Perdue Model; Risk assessment; Hazard; Incident; Safety; OSI 7 Layer Model; Petri Net, Coloured Petri Net; Programable Logic Controller (PLC); Safety Instrumented System (SIS)

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