Experimental Investigation of Lazy Evaluation Method in Replacement Algorithm for Long-term Re-reference Cache Management

Hayato Nomura


Most replacement algorithm prioritizes temporal locality. In contrast, the Stubborn strategy, a cache management strategy, takes protection policy for cache lines that take long-term distance re-references. This behavior was considered by focusing on the characteristics of cache misses that occur in LLC. In this study, we proposed a method to delay the decision of freezing cache line evictions for more effective implementation of the Stubborn strategy. Furthermore, we implemented and evaluated a technique, Reref. Reref has no achieved improving performance when based on an implement of the Stubborn area that fixed half area of cache sets and an implement of the Stubborn area that could change the number of ways adaptively. On the other hand, in the environment that majority cache ways work for Stubborn areas, "Reref" achieved a significant performance improvement of up to 32.3% and the geometric average of 6.9%. This revealed a condition suitable for the application of the Stubborn strategy.


cache management; replacement algorithm; long-term re-reference; lazy evaluation

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