Bulletin of Networking, Computing, Systems, and Software

The Bulletin of Networking, Computing, Systems, and Software is an online bulletin that publishes articles in all areas of Networking, Computing, Systems, and Software. This Bulletin is NOT peer-reviewed, and all submitted papers are published as they are. Even if the preliminary and/or the extended version of the articles have been/will be published in conference proceedings and/or journals, they are not duplicate publications and not misbehavior. Also, the authors of the papers are responsible for the originality and the quality.

Vol 6, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


A Research on sensibility expression analysis of individual in regional variation bused on Twitter PDF
Abdunabi Ubul, Hidekazu Kakei 1-4
Dynamic Temperature Aware Routing Protocol over Ad hoc Networks at Fire Sites PDF
Young-Duk Kim, GukJin Son, Soon Kwon, Woo Young Jung 5-7
An autonomous distributed algorithm based on calling behavior of frogs for a connected dominating set PDF
Rei Tsutsui, Akihiro Fujiwara 8-12
Distributed algorithms for capturing a target using autonomous mobile robots PDF
Yuto Kodama, Akihiro Fujiwara 13-16
Control of Automatic Door by Using Kinect Sensor PDF
Xuanang Feng, Yuina Yazawa, Eisuke Kita, Yi Zuo 17-21
Photomosaic Generation by Rearranging Divided Images PDF
Yi Yang, Yasuaki Ito, Koji Nakano 22-27
A Study of Fault-Tolerant Architecture Using Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration PDF
Seiya Ogido, Chikatoshi Yamada, Kei Miyagi, Shuichi Ichikawa 28-32

ISSN: 2186-5140