Design of ISO/IEEE 11073 and HL7 Framework for Driver's Health Monitoring in Vehicles

Young-Duk Kim, Soon Kwon, Joonwoo Son


Recently, thanks to the rapid development of computer convergence technology, driver monitoring system with various bionic sensor devices has become one of the most popular forms of technology to decrease the traffic accidents. In this paper, we present the issue of exploiting the driver's bionic data monitoring system by using ISO/IEEE 11073 and HL7 standard interfaces. The proposed system is based on the client and sever model, where the client agent encodes the health related data and server manager decodes the received message from the client. In order to gather the driver's health data, the client agent activates various bionic sensors which include not only personal social information but also height, weight, body temperature, SPO2, blood pressure and etc. Every sensor device is connected by configuring the wireless sensor network which is applicable to ZigBee or Bluetooth. After the health data is gathered in the remotely located database server, it can be monitored by doctors or therapists for further investigations.


IEEE/ISO 11073; HL7; Driver Monitoring; Bionic Sensors

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