Architecture of a Narrative Generation System based on a TRPG Model: The use of an Integrated Narrative Generation System for Knowledge Acquisition (Preliminary Version)

Jumpei Ono, Takashi Ogata


In this paper, we present a plan of a narrative generation system based on a scenario generation method in Tabletop Role Playing Game (TRPG). This system is an application of an integrated narrative generation system (INGS) and has two objectives. The first objective is to support the development of a narrative by using the interactions between a user and the system in order to use a game form. The second objective is the knowledge acquisition in the INGS. The INGS needs conceptual dictionary knowledge (noun concept, verb concept, and so on) for constructing an event concept that refers to an occurrence in the narrative, script knowledge for constituting the structure of the narrative, and interconversion knowledge between an event and its states. The conceptual dictionary is structured manually. However, we attempted to automatically acquire script knowledge and the knowledge about the characters, things, and locations in the narrative. In this study, we attempt to acquire knowledge about the narrative structure. We intend to implement a function to perform the knowledge acquisition for the INGS when a user playing a game. As the first step, we focus on acquiring script knowledge for constituting the structure of the narrative.


Narrative Generation; Integrated Narrative Generation System; Tabletop Role Playing Game; Table-Talk Role Playing Game; Knowledge Acquisition

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